Persian Garden Design Proposal

Main Plan Design

A plan which is designed considering the persian garden design guidelines is the key to having a space similar to a real persian garden. One of the most common elements that is better to be considered while designing a persian garden plan, is to have an area called Hashti. It is the space behind the sar-dar (doorway). Also the most common pattern for designing the persian garden plan is an Octagon, which is due to the importance of number 8 in islamic culture. Symmetry,functional spaces, plantation, pool, fountain and etc. are the elements that form a persian garden

Use of Octagon pattern in plan design


Chahar Bagh School  floor plan-Isfahan


persian garden consist of various spaces used for different functions. Here is sampls of floor plans below.
persian garden ground floor plan
Designing a symmetrical courtyard despite of asymmetrical site plan


Hestooran resturant floorplan

Separate areas for coffee shop and resturant

Functional floor plan

Functional floor plan

Summer and winter rooms shown on floor plan and sections


Sun position importance in space design


Courtyard and pool design on the garden main axis


Entrance and Main Façade Design

One of the elements which has been widely used in Iranian architecture is the doorway design. It somehow represents the inner spaces of the buildings without entering. So it should be designed as well as the inside even more eye-catching as it is the welcoming part. The aim of this space in Islamic architecture is the importance of privacy. The public and the private spaces being separated is a must in Islamic architecture

Culture in Iranian garden geometry
The entrance to the Iranian garden
The entrance to the Iranian garden
Another example of the entrance gate of the Iranian garden
The main entrance view from inside


Brickwork as a symbol of iranian architecture


Providing a sitting area at


Using a sharp color to emphasize on the entrance


The entrance gate of the Iranian garden with tall columns
Use of iranian tile work on the entrance view from street


Use of Perspolis elements as a symbol of Iranian architecture on the entrance doorway


Providing a view from entrance doorway to the main building by placing the entrance on the site main axis


Unique brickwork on  entrance doorway


Unique brickwork on  entrance doorway
The entrance door is designed using two different types of door knockers as to identify the guest’s gender It is designed as the result of Islamic culture

Use of the sclupture on the main axis of the garden


Islamic tile work on the entrance doorway


Iranian Theme

The Iranian architecture consist of two main styles. One is based on the architecture of perspolis and the other is formed during the appreance of Islam in Iran

Before Islam

After Islam

Pools with fountains and scluptures

Water is the main reason why the Persian Garden come to existence. So dry as the overall climate of Iran is, formation of a green area without water is not even conceivable

Another form used to present ornamental function of water was in pools. Although pools are usually of square and rectangular shapes, they also has many different shapes such as star shape as seen in the picture above

The scluptures can be chosen from the Iranian popular and famous characters

Plantation Design

Landscape and plantation design

While desgining the landscape and plantation of the persian gardens, there are some important rules to be considered. The waterway is one of them. The main waterway through which water will flow into smaller, minor brooks directly from the pool

3D Design Modeling and Interior Design

Designing the main form and interior spaces

To design a persian garden like form, it is important to study the earlier persian garden forms. The persian gardens are consist of three types of spaces. The closed, open and semi open spaces. The form is designed based on sun position. The sun is of great importance in Iranian culture as it is the key to saving energy. So the building is divided into two parts, summer and winter space due to sun position.

Furniture Design

The furnitures play an important role in interior design. Theyshould be designed to fit the space. There are two ways for designing the furnitures. Either buy antique or new furnitures from Iran and transport them to China or design the furnitures and provide the shop drawings

Original case studies


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